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And yeah, seriously, I do recall trying to dig to China. My son was fascinated by all that he learned. Therefore I guess it’s only natural […]

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Please don’t consider definitive my code. It’s a starting point not a landing point. My needs required me to use a low level solutions to send […]

I have increased the allocation for Rashtriya Gokul Mission to

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I also wonder how many well known are not so well known people

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This may have its advantages

Internet marketers generally spread a wide net and catch the fish they get. This may have its advantages. But, it is nothing when compared to the […]

The DRG system that allows for x dollars to be paid for a

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EDIT: you know I just realised

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If you don’t want to spend the money on a square dehydrator

“These days, it’s almost impossible to classify a lot of things,” Goddard said. “I mean, I never would have considered ‘Birdman’ a comedy.”Ridley Scott, director of […]

You can also add photos to your profile

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